Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule

          Ten years from now this decorated card board box is going to be worth so much more. I don't mean money wise; I mean mentally and emotionally, Inside of my box are tickets to movies that I went to with someone special. I also have print out of text messages and pictures. I have things that are, even now, special memories in my box. I cant wait to relive them in ten years. In ten years I will be a totally different person; the way I talk, and the things I do for fun. I may still be with that special someone and we can laugh at all the things inside. The outside of my box has a big cherry blossom tree. Not only is it my favorite tree, but it has memories within it. That tree means a lot to me and since I can't fit a tree in my box, I decided to put it on top!

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