Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Symbol of Love

My heart is beating a million times a minute as I sit on this couch waiting on him. I just got done my hair and makeup yet I am still afraid of what he thinks of me tonight. My parents sit across from me waiting just as anxiously as I am. In my head I keep thinking, he is no stranger so why am I so nervous, but that was a poor antidote for my aching stomach and fast heartbeat. Not only am I afraid of what he thinks of me, but mainly of what my parents might think of him. I know how important first impressions can be, but before today I only had to worry about my own. I wonder if he's nervous too. Suddenly my phone goes off and I begin to read the text from him, “Hey I’m here”. Taking one deep breath, I begin to walk to the front door. The look on his face is priceless, and he seems so happy to be here.

In one hand is a big white tiger stuffed animal…my favorite animal! The head was oddly unproportioned to the rest of the body but I thought it was really cute. I especially loved the heart that the tiger was holding that read “be my valentine”. Suddenly my eye catches the object that is in his other hand as he is pulling it from behind his back. It was a beautiful long stemmed rose. It had a deep red hue to it and a bright green stem. In a split second I observed every inch of that rose and I realized it had not one imperfection. Even the thorns were curved to the perfect point. I didn’t realize it was possible but my smile got even wider. Wrapping my arm around his, we walk inside. In my opinion, his first impression was just him being himself but it is exactly what I was hoping for. His personality has no negativity and not an ounce of evil. Without a doubt, I know my parents love him. Now it’s time to leave, he walked ahead of me and I quickly turn to my parents and asked, did you see that rose he got me?

“Yes but it’s just a rose,” replied my mom.

Yes I understand that is just a rose and that is what is so perfect about it, it was one and only one. Just like I am his one and only. And in his eyes, I am perfect. Our relationship will be beautiful but at the same time there will be some rough times that will make us bleed only to let us grow back stronger. This rose is my first rose. Just like he is my first love. Although my heart is still racing, I know everything will turn out perfect, just by looking at that rose.