Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparing the Two

    Throughout the process of me drawing and coloring the Candy jar, I would switch back to drawing the bike with graphite pencils. It truly is a big difference. I almost forgot a couple times how to shade with pencil. When using the color pencil, it's amazing how many different colors you can get just by layering different colors. Shading takes a lot more patience and you need to find your own way of finding value. My goal is for both of my drawing to be really realistic and high in value and composition. I feel that I was able to capture that in my Bicycle drawing but I have yet to really achieve it for my cand jar. Overall, they were both really fun and challenging assignments, and that's what I enjoy most.
       Ive been working on this for quite a bit and as you can see it is still not even close to being finished. Our assignment was to draw a glass jar filled with candy. Even though this is my third year of art, I am still finding it very challenging to accomplish this particular assignment. A question that I kept asking myself, "how do you draw and color something that is clear?" It's not easy, but you just have to take it step by step. And keep your eyes wide open and focused. There are suprisingly many splashes of color on a glass jar once you have it filled with yummy delicious candy. Although I am not finished yet, I am looking forward to working harder and using the colored pencils to make my drawing as realistic as possible.
       The hardest part of the bicycle drawing was finding the perfect angle of the bike to draw. Once i found it, I became more motivated to draw and try my hardest. I feel as though this year my drawing and shading with graphite pencils really improved. The values of my drawing stands out a lot more and you can really get an idea of how realistic the drawing appears. There are many techniques to shading with graphite pencils including pressure, layering, and not coloring specific spots at all for an illusion of the reflection of light. I was able to use them all to creat a realistic life-like version of the bicycle. Although it took me a lot of time and effort,  I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Although this is my third year of art during high school, I'm still excited for what this year has to offer. Every year you learn and create new things. And every year I am surprised with the results of all of my work. Art is never dull and boring, at least not for me. This year my goal is to put my best effort into all of work and continue to evolve into a better artist. I'm back for a third year for another exciting adventure! Enjoy fellow classmates.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I was very dissapointed freshman year when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to take an art class due to all the cuts. But these past two years, that I've spent in class with my classmates and totally awesome teacher, have made up for it. Throughout this whole year, as I was working on my art, I compared it to my sophemore year. All of my art work progressed. Last year I remember dreading the marking period that we had to make a collage; my collage was horrible. This year, with more experience and enthusiasm, I created a powerful peice that even shocked me. That is what I love about Mrs. Kiicks art class. Her door is always open and welcoming anyone. Because she knows and I know that art isnt just ment for certain people. Anyone can express themselves through art. It doesnt always have to include a tube of acrylic paint in one hand and a paintbrush in another. It could be a piece of medal and a saw. My medal piece this year turned out to be more abstract then last years. I believe its because I understand it more. I enjoyed all the different subject we concurred throughtout the year. Such as the paper lanters, medal closures, tea sets, monotype collages, president collages, our books and much more. Its always an experience for me, and a good one too. This year has been absolutely amazing for me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Once upon time there was a rooster named, Baldwin. Baldwin wasn’t your typical rooster. He was raised with dogs so Baldwin didn’t have a normal rooster crow. Instead, he barked like a dog. His step parents are named, Crosio and Cam. Cam was a black and white furred Border collie with bright blue eyes. Crosio was a tough brown, black, and white Pit-bull with dark brown eyes. Cam and Crosio communicated by barking and taught Baldwin how to bark back. Baldwin lives in a red and white barn with Crosio and Cam on Craning road. Baldwin walked around his neighborhood and approached a worn out sign that read “Craning Road”, and saw his grumpy neighbor, Rem. Rem was the mayor’s son. He was spoiled and thought he was better than everyone else. Rem was a unique human. Because he was the mayor’s son, he had advantages. Rem hated Baldwin so much. He hated the fact that Baldwin wakes him up every morning at 6:00 A.M. He also hated him because he is awoken from a rooster bark.  Every morning he would do his rooster bark. Everyone knew that Baldwin wasn’t normal but they all still counted on the rooster to bark when the sun would rise to wake the town.
“Tomorrow is a good day son, you get to stay home and rest.” Said the mayor named.
Immediately the thought that came to Rem’s devious mind was how can I get rid of Baldwin. After a long day, everyone turned in for the night including Baldwin. As Baldwin was dreaming about doggy bones, Rem was dreaming up plans to get rid of Baldwin.
Maybe I’ll lead a trail of dog food into the chicken pen and lock the doors. Or maybe I can shoot him… nah I could never. Maybe I’ll just tie him up and keep him in my closet. But what if dad finds Baldwin tied up, or the nanny when she looks for all my dirty laundry.
               As the sun was about to rise, Baldwin crawled up to the top of his roof and began to wait. But what he didn’t know was that Rem was up and watching Baldwin. Just as sun was rising, Rem came up with a brilliant idea. He wasn’t going to kill Baldwin, or tie him up, or trick him. He decided he was going to teach Baldwin how to crow the right way. Then he wouldn’t have to deal with the bark.
               “Ruff, ru-u-u-ff, ruff,” the rooster barked as the sun rose. Just as he finished, Rem climbed up to Baldwin’s roof to speak to him. He spoke in a calm manner.
               “What if I told you, I can teach you how to crow, would you let me?” asked Rem.
Baldwin replied with a simple, “bark!”
So they went over to rems house. Rem began saying, “cooooock-a-doodle-doo.” And then Baldwin tried but it didn’t work. They tried all day long. They even developed a friendship. What was supposed to be a day of rest for Rem, ended up being a waste of time.
               By the end of the day, all he learned was, “ruff-a-doodle-doo.”
It still turned out to be an accomplishment. But they both gave up, exhausted and with a sore throat, Baldwin returned home. But that night he wasn’t going to be dreaming about doggy bones, he will be dreaming about a real rooster crow. But he couldn’t sleep; instead he stayed up to practice all night long. He couldn’t be too loud so it was hard for him but he still kept trying. Morning came and he waddled up to his roof. And he waited. As the sun began to rise, he gave it one last try.
               “Coooock-a-doodle-doo!” excitement raced through him. The whole town woke up confused but happy. They couldn’t believe. Never did they think that day would come when the rooster would crow. Rem woke up and realized that it wasn’t a bark that woke him. He rushed over to Baldwin and rewarded him with a basket of bones (Baldwin’s favorite). The town and Rem was very happy. And from then on, every morning, the rooster crowed. And they all woke up with joy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Empty Bowls

For a while, my classmates and myself have been making bowls out of clay, firing them, and then glazing them. Its amazing to see what layers of dull colors turn out to look like when they come out of the kiln. Some of the bowls looked so beautiful, absolutely mind blowing. But we dont just make them to look pretty, we have been making these bowls for the foudation. We all put our hearts into these bowls and I hope it pays off.

Paper Lantern

My favorite thing about art is having many different ways to show talent and constantly learning something new. This marking period I made a lantern that started out as just a blank white peice of paper. All the student's lanterns represent a season. I decided to have my lantern represent the season summer. Summer is my favorite season, its a happy season. It took lots of time and patience to produce intricate cuts and designs. While the designs on my lantern look random, it represents summer and how crazy summer gets. In the end, it looks amazing over a lit flame.

Self Portrait

This marking period I drew a self portrait of myself. This assignment gave me freedom to express myself in any way I wanted. At first, I had a difficult time drawing the self portrait due to the fact that I couldn't lift my pen nor look at the paper. You can always find me with a pair of glasses on, so, I made sure that my glasses stand out the most in my self portrait. Around my face, I have many descriptions that describe what I'm all about. Overall, it was a fun assignment that I enjoyed creating.