Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Empty Bowls

For a while, my classmates and myself have been making bowls out of clay, firing them, and then glazing them. Its amazing to see what layers of dull colors turn out to look like when they come out of the kiln. Some of the bowls looked so beautiful, absolutely mind blowing. But we dont just make them to look pretty, we have been making these bowls for the foudation. We all put our hearts into these bowls and I hope it pays off.

Paper Lantern

My favorite thing about art is having many different ways to show talent and constantly learning something new. This marking period I made a lantern that started out as just a blank white peice of paper. All the student's lanterns represent a season. I decided to have my lantern represent the season summer. Summer is my favorite season, its a happy season. It took lots of time and patience to produce intricate cuts and designs. While the designs on my lantern look random, it represents summer and how crazy summer gets. In the end, it looks amazing over a lit flame.

Self Portrait

This marking period I drew a self portrait of myself. This assignment gave me freedom to express myself in any way I wanted. At first, I had a difficult time drawing the self portrait due to the fact that I couldn't lift my pen nor look at the paper. You can always find me with a pair of glasses on, so, I made sure that my glasses stand out the most in my self portrait. Around my face, I have many descriptions that describe what I'm all about. Overall, it was a fun assignment that I enjoyed creating.