Thursday, June 13, 2013

I was very dissapointed freshman year when I found out that I wasn't going to be able to take an art class due to all the cuts. But these past two years, that I've spent in class with my classmates and totally awesome teacher, have made up for it. Throughout this whole year, as I was working on my art, I compared it to my sophemore year. All of my art work progressed. Last year I remember dreading the marking period that we had to make a collage; my collage was horrible. This year, with more experience and enthusiasm, I created a powerful peice that even shocked me. That is what I love about Mrs. Kiicks art class. Her door is always open and welcoming anyone. Because she knows and I know that art isnt just ment for certain people. Anyone can express themselves through art. It doesnt always have to include a tube of acrylic paint in one hand and a paintbrush in another. It could be a piece of medal and a saw. My medal piece this year turned out to be more abstract then last years. I believe its because I understand it more. I enjoyed all the different subject we concurred throughtout the year. Such as the paper lanters, medal closures, tea sets, monotype collages, president collages, our books and much more. Its always an experience for me, and a good one too. This year has been absolutely amazing for me.