Friday, January 24, 2014

 This was a very fun and yummy assignment. After opening and eating all seven of my fortune cookies, I was left with little pieces of paper filled with fortunes and knowledge. After reading all seven I chose one I liked the most that I wanted to base my fortune cookie book page on. "Serious trouble will bypass you". My art gives off a soothing and peaceful look. and in the middle is the fortune. I decided to make it very big because although in real life the fortune is small, it is very important and stands out in my mind; I decided it will stand out on my paper too. Lucky numbers and bold colors add on to my meaningful piece. It is not finished in this current picture, but I cant wait until it will be.

Pop Art

I had a lot of fun doing this art assignment. There was a lot of room for messing up. In fact the more imperfect the pictures and stamps were, the more fun they were to print. I really enjoyed carving into the rubber block; it was a first for me. At first I had a hard time choosing an item. I didn't want something too simple but at the same time I didn't want anything with too many words and shapes and angles. I chose the Pepsi bottle because it was in between what I wanted. I loved the curves of the bottle and simplicity of the design. I knew that after I created it, anyone could guess what it was. I was able to turn a normal Pepsi bottle into a fun size pop print that opened your eyes and mind.

Art x 3

Overall, this experience was difficult for me. At first I didn't understand why I was putting work into the picture and then having to pass on my unfinished masterpiece. Then when it was passed on to me it was like starting all over. First I had to understand the unfinished art before I was able to add on to it to make it my own. I came across two different collages that I had to work on that didn't originally belong to me. The last one I was able to work on, I completed and kept as my own. There are so many hidden meanings in this picture, just like the realities of being a celebrity are hidden.

What Blue Can Do

Our art class was inspired by the artist, Portia Munson, to create a pile of things that are all the same color. Everyone put in two blue things. What may be treasure to you could be trash to someone else's eyes. Or maybe someone put trash in and it became eye catching for someone else. Not everyone is a fan of Portia's art. Maybe they don't understand what she tries to represent through her artwork. When everything is one color nothing stands out. What is shown is the characteristics and real beauty of each piece. The pile becomes a fascinating collection, not a pile of trash. The beauty of the art relies on how you see it through your own eyes.

My Very Own Collection

For as long as I can remember, I have always had this fascination with my mother's Christmas village. When I was young the village was very small and had few houses and a couple tiny porcelain people. As I grew the village did too. I would buy people and pets and snowmen and trees. Everything and anything you can imagine is in my village but in a small glass form. We even have a Walmart and a Joan Fabrics. Every year I set it up for Christmas. I just find it so cute and it became my own Christmas tradition to set it up all by myself. The result, seeing each house or church or store lit up and all the tiny village people walking or playing in the snow, is absolutely worth every minute I put into it.