Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparing the Two

    Throughout the process of me drawing and coloring the Candy jar, I would switch back to drawing the bike with graphite pencils. It truly is a big difference. I almost forgot a couple times how to shade with pencil. When using the color pencil, it's amazing how many different colors you can get just by layering different colors. Shading takes a lot more patience and you need to find your own way of finding value. My goal is for both of my drawing to be really realistic and high in value and composition. I feel that I was able to capture that in my Bicycle drawing but I have yet to really achieve it for my cand jar. Overall, they were both really fun and challenging assignments, and that's what I enjoy most.
       Ive been working on this for quite a bit and as you can see it is still not even close to being finished. Our assignment was to draw a glass jar filled with candy. Even though this is my third year of art, I am still finding it very challenging to accomplish this particular assignment. A question that I kept asking myself, "how do you draw and color something that is clear?" It's not easy, but you just have to take it step by step. And keep your eyes wide open and focused. There are suprisingly many splashes of color on a glass jar once you have it filled with yummy delicious candy. Although I am not finished yet, I am looking forward to working harder and using the colored pencils to make my drawing as realistic as possible.
       The hardest part of the bicycle drawing was finding the perfect angle of the bike to draw. Once i found it, I became more motivated to draw and try my hardest. I feel as though this year my drawing and shading with graphite pencils really improved. The values of my drawing stands out a lot more and you can really get an idea of how realistic the drawing appears. There are many techniques to shading with graphite pencils including pressure, layering, and not coloring specific spots at all for an illusion of the reflection of light. I was able to use them all to creat a realistic life-like version of the bicycle. Although it took me a lot of time and effort,  I enjoyed every minute of it.